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red 88 food
seared tuna shashimi
sushi pizza1
red 88 inside
red 88 dining room
red 88 inside1
red 88 interior
red 88 interio2
red 88 dining room2
red 88 sushi bar
cucumber avocado roll
chow mein
chicken chow mein
egg drop soup and miso soup
cute basket
kids teriyaki chicken
general tso's chicken
fruit garden roll
kung pao chicken
mongolian beef
noodle with chicken
Playboy roll
orange chicken
red 88 asian bistro chinese food
red 88 asian bistro
red 88 asian bistro1
red 88 sushi rolls
Red 88 roll
red 88 chinese food
red 88 sushi rolls1
red 88 togo
salmon bento box
teriyaki grill
Salmon:mango roll and vegas roll
texas roll
Utah and cowboy roll
chicken and veggies with steamed rice
chicken fried rice
beef with broccoli
kung pao chicken
lemon chicken1
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